Visit of Paris by Electric Trikke

Imagine a combination of scooter, skates and ski ... add a pinch of innovation, orignationality and ecology ... and you've got the Trikke!   A 100% fun and 100% clean way to tour the city!  Stir in 20 or so historical sites and a dose of intense sensations and feelings and you've got the Paris Trikkes Historical Fun Tour!  In addition for remembrance, we photograph you on the  futuristic Trikke in front of centuries old monuments. Magical moment in time captured on film of you in Paris that will give you lasting memories for a lifetime.  All this without ever having to touch your foot to the ground and more importantly, without leaving your ecological footprint!

The Paris Trikke tour is for you, offering guided visits that definitively put to rest all well-worn clichés! Riding is believing - and only after you've ridden a Trikke will you fully realize the fun, pleasure, and excitement it creates.

Envision, for a moment, the possibility of coasting along the Champs Elysée, slipping inbetween the Grand and Petit Palais or gliding through the Champs de Mars and the Esplanade of the Invalides..

Imagine rolling under the omnipresent, iron-lacing of the Eiffel Tower or effortlessly circling the exotic and intriguing obelisk at La Place de la Concorde in complete security...

While traditional tours - by boat, bike or bus - have engraved their place, the Trikke, rightly called the "human transporter of tomorrow", is here in Paris today. Reserve now! 

  • Looking for an innovative, exciting, and eco-friendly way to discover Paris?
  • Duration 02:00

Address : Paris
54 avenue de la Motte Picquet 75015 Paris
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54 avenue Motte Picquet