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Because of its wonderful climate, Provence is one of the loveliest regions of France. Every year, around 35 million tourists flock there to lap up its Mediterranean landscapes, and to enjoy its fabulous food, bursting with sun-ripened flavors. They also come in search of the friendly, chilled-out Provencal lifestyle, that subtle mixture of gentleness and exuberance which was so well portrayed by film-maker and writer, Marcel Pagnol.

Visit Provence nature side

From the plains of the Rhône and the Durance to the foothills of the Alps, from the steep gorges of Verdon to the multicolored Massifs of the Esterel, and from the forests of green oak to the GarrigueProvence always cast a subtle spell.

Our various excursions, from the cities of Avignon, Aix en Provence and Marseille, will allow you to visit Provence and discover its main tourist treasures. Around Valensole, the lavender as far colors, as the eye can see, landscapes in moving seas dominated by mauve and pale blue hues. In the Alpilles and the Luberon, the villages cling to the hillsides covered with low vegetation, the scrubland, at the foot or at the top of cliffs of white limestone, ocher rocks.

Provence: between art and culture

The South of France does not seduce only by its landscapes. Visitors on vacation in the region will be seduced by the exceptional historical heritage that successive generations have patiently enriched, from Greek antiquity to contemporary times. The first Greek settlers made their home in Marseille around 600 BC and the popes that chose the city of Avignon as their place of residence between 1309 and 1423, bequeathed to the history of the magnificent monuments, ramparts, mansions and, especially, the splendid Palace of the Popes whose visit will amaze you. Songs of courtly love sung by twelfth-century Provencal troubadours still echo through the olive groves in this blessed land, made sublime by the painters Cézanne and Van Gogh. Visit the Palais des Papes, one of the wonders of Avignon. 

Many authors have helped make Provence famous, such as the writer Jean Giono, and the poet René Char, not to mention the filmmaker and writer Marcel Pagnol: if you're staying in Marcel Pagnol's Provence, between Aubagne and Marseille, explore the hills around the world. Garlaban was the playground of his childhood, he visits the famous bar of the Navy where takes place the most famous part of the cinema.

Visiting Provence also means discovering the scenery painted by Cézanne and Van Gogh, including the famous Montagne Sainte-Victoire at the foot of which the city of Aix-en-Provence comes to snuggle.

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