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The Somme is in the historic heart of Picardy, a region of northern France. Mankind has lived there since prehistoric times and it has always been coveted by different sides because of its strategic location between Paris and Flanders. Some of the most decisive battles in the history of France bear witness to this, particularly those of the First World War.

The Battle of the Somme, which was fought in 1916, and the 1918 offensive have marked this region forever. The scars of the Great War are still visible: trenches, bomb craters, cemeteries, the lack of vegetation, but also the villages razed to the ground. Today you can explore the places where the Australian, British and Canadian troops fought so valiantly and which remind us that we must never forget...For example the Australian National Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux and the “Historial de la Grande Guerre, “museum at Peronne. On our “Circuit du Souvenir ", we at take you on a discovery of the main sites of the Battlefields of the Somme.

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