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It is thought that the first wines were planted in Chablis in the first century AD and further developed in the third century through the impetus of the Roman Emperor Probus. The town of Chablis which is known all over the world for it Burgundy wines is in the Yonne department, half way (180 kilometres) between Paris and Beaune. It has a very long culinary and oenological heritage. The vineyards of Chablis have their roots in soils from the Jurassic period which were formed over 150 million years ago. Extending over 4,870 hectares it produces wines which are as famous as they are diverse, such as those the hill of the Grand Crus which faces the village of Chablis, which has seven different “climats” ( the individual plots) : Blanchot, Bougros, Vaudésir, Valmur, Les Preuses, Grenouilles and Les Clos. The most famous of the white grape varieties is Chardonnay which is also well known in California. The cuisine of the region is characterised by its use of wine including dishes like escargots au chablis (snails in Chablis), soles glacées au Chablis, (Chablis glazed sole) and lapereau sauté au Chablis (young rabbit cooked in Chablis). Although a large part of the old town was destroyed in June 1940, some of its architectural heritage still remains such as the Priory of Saint Cosme and the Collegiate Churchwhich was erected during the thirteenth century and is a gothic style vestige of the old cannons’ quarter which was the inspiration for Sens cathedral. Discover this unique region, its vineyards and wine cellars with and to enjoy delicious tasting sessions on our Burgundy 1 day tour.