Tourism in Sologne: what to do and see around Chambord

Have you decided to visit the chateaus of the Loire? When you go to the Château de Chambord, take time to explore its surroundings: a bit of sightseeing in Sologne will give you a breath of fresh air and a healthy dose of nature. To give you a better sense of this natural setting, Sologne lies between the Loire River and one of its tributaries, the Cher. Many tourist activities and destinations await you.

Exceptional architectural heritage

If you decide to go sightseeing in Sologne, you won't be able to resist some of the most beautiful chateaus of the Loire. The Château de Chambord is the most famous, but it is not the only one. You can also admire the Château de Cheverny and the royal residence at Blois while you're in the area.

Each of these edifices has its own unique identity and seeing them all is not the least bit repetitive. Architecture lovers who make the trip to Sologne can visit these three sites and never experience a moment of boredom.

Sologne: a well-preserved natural environment

Francis I chose Sologne for its game-dense forests. The wetlands, including La Guette bog lake and Beaumont Pond, are beautiful settings for hikes. Discovery trails, such as the Grande Prairie trail in Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre, will introduce you to the local plants and wildlife. If you brought your walking shoes, don't miss this side of tourism in Sologne.

At Chambord, you can hear the bellowing of deer, a captivating, fascinating sound.

An abundance of activities in Sologne

There are many activities in Sologne to please young and old alike. The Sologne Tourism Office promotes a variety of options.

Plan a family outing to the Beauval zoo, which has more than 5,700 animals and is known for its devotion to good living conditions and wildlife protection. There are lots of activities designed to entertain children.

You may also take advantage of your trip to Chambord and your stay in Sologne to tackle the Beaugency Maze. Get lost in a maze made of plants and you'll find the reunion to be all the sweeter!

As you can see, there is far more than just the Château de Chambord: The tourism opportunities in Sologne will surprise you!


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