The Paris Merveilles Revue

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What would a cabaret like the Lido be without a revue. Since 2015, Paris Merveilles has enchanted the entire world with its modern and flamboyant revue. Paris City Vision will help you to discover the secrets of a show that always makes spectators with quiver with excitment.

Paris Merveilles: chic, stylish and laid-back

Parisian nightlife pulsates to the rhythm of cabaret shows, some of which have been an institution for almost a century. But in order to contine to seduce and attract a clientele of all ages, a cabaret must constantly reinvent itself and offer shows which appeal to all generations.

With Paris Merveilles, the Lido hopes to break from the routine and clichés of the genre and totally reinvent the cabaret revue. Exceptional artists bring a breath of fresh air to the genre: hip hop and circus arts blend harmoniously with traditional dances and the colorful sequined and feathered costumes of the dancers.

A certain amount of self-mockery and brilliantly controlled virtuosity make Paris Merveilles one of the most modern and sexy revues on the Parisian cabaret scene.

The team behind the Paris Merveilles revue

To create such a show, a cohesive and extremely competent team worked tirelessly over a long period of time.

The revue was conceived by the director Franco Dragone, renowned for his many productions which led to the success of cirque du soleil. He has also created shows  in Las Vegas and China, such as the impressive production of The House of Dancing Water or The Han Show, a colossal production for which a special theater was built.

The choreography was entrusted to Benoît-Swan Pouffer, who collaborated for many years with the prestigious and very modern dance company of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet.

Jean Rabasse, who is famous in the cinema industry, created the impressive sets of the Paris Merveilles revue. The Lido entrusted Nicolas Vaudelet with the creation of the costumes, a designer working for Dior and Yves Saint Laurent.

Bluebell Girls and male dancers

In Paris Merveilles, the choreographies combining the graceful female cabaret dancers with their male counterparts express glamor and sensuality. The Bluebell Girls, whose name comes from Margaret Kelly's legendary blue eyes, can reveal their whole talent with this revue. These magnificient women, all at least 5.8 feet tall, act in a three-dimensional and modern ballet, and they are so graceful and agile that they make us forget the size of the elegant costumes they are wearing for the show. The leader, Manon Trinquier, breaks free from the standards of the genre and provides a breath of fresh air. Smaller, proud of her curves and tattoos, she is delighting with her voice and her exciting and assertive personality.

The many scenes of the show prevent it from being repetitive or monotonous, and they express all the baroque symphony of a revue that never falls into cacophony. The automaton performance of B-Boy Mansour, for instance, or the acrobatics of Igor Gavva and Iulia Palii, are here to reinforce the pace of the revue.

You like cabaret but do not want to give in to complete modernity? Do not worry: although this revue can be iconoclastic at times, traditional and flamboyant french cancan prevails, and it will maybe remain as the apex of your night at the Lido!

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