Le Clos Lucé tour guide

Located in Amboise, in the Loire Valley, the Clos Lucé is known to be the residence of the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci. This workshop stands in the middle of a bucolic garden where many of his works were born. Between paintings and inventions, the Clos Lucé has deeply inspired the Italian genius.

Prepare your visit

Opening hours

Buy your tickets online to get our best rates and discover Leonardo da Vinci's residence and gardens. Le Clos Lucé’s visiting hours change depending on the seasons.

  • January: 10AM to 6PM
  • February and March: 9AM to 7PM
  • September and October: 9AM to 7PM
  • November and December: 9AM to 6PM

Only two hours and a half away from Paris, you can reach this historic site by train or by car via the A10 motorway.

Address of Le Clos Lucé

2, rue du Clos Lucé 37400 Amboise, Loire Valley, France


Choose from the different offers available to visit Le Clos Lucé and its gardens. Prices vary from 10€50 for children to €17 for adults.

How long does it take to visit Le Clos Lucé?

To fully enjoy your visit of the castle and its gardens you will need approximately two hours and a half.

The must-sees and must-dos

Once there, you will discover the secrets of the engineer's life while walking through the rooms overlooking the park. You will discover the famous Renaissance façade of the building made of white stones and pink bricks, as well as Leonardo da Vinci’s amazing inventions. Afterwards, you can go to the seven-hectare "Leonardo da Vinci Park", where some of his works, such as his life-size models, are on display.

History and culture

The Château du Clos Lucé represents 800 years of history starting in 1471 and having evolved to become one of the residences of the French kings in 1490. Francis I then offered the use of the premises to his faithful friend Leonardo da Vinci, who stayed there for the last three years of his life. Today, the Clos Lucé welcomes more than 360,000 visitors each year and is the third most visited monument in the Loire Valley.