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Get your entrance to visit the Eiffel Tower online: book your tickets right now! Paris City Vision offers reserved access tickets that get you to the first and/or second floor of the Eiffel Tower without standing in line! Follow the guide through this landmark until you reach a sweeping view of the capital and its most beautiful monuments. A 360° view of the city lit up at night, panoramic shots, all of that is yours without having to withstand the long wait in line or shorten your day to squeeze in a visit.

The advantages of online reservation

Make the most of exclusive offers to reserve several activities at the same time, enjoy cut-in-line tickets which facilitate your entrance and help you save time. Likewise, make the most of your Eiffel Tower visit to have lunch or dinner at 58 Eiffel Tower, a restaurant on the first floor of the “Iron Lady”. In fact, why not combine this reserved access visit with a City bus tour or a cruise on the Seine to admire the most famous Parisian monuments? Visit our website to book all your tours.

Buy your tickets to visit the Eiffel Tower, one of the best monuments of Paris

The Eiffel Tower is much more than a monument: it is the symbol of France itself, looming protectively over the city of Paris and its inhabitants. Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world and the Eiffel Tower is simply something that can’t be passed up -- and that goes for French and foreign tourists alike! The long wait to get to the top, whether by elevator or by foot using the stairs, is as notorious as the structure itself, and can discourage even the most motivated from checking it out

That is why our service is made for you! By booking your Eiffel Tower tickets online in advance, you will ensure your access to the Iron Lady during your stay. After your Eiffel Tower guided tour or classic visit, you will have time to enjoy the rest of the city, so do not hesitate to book another guided tour in another place of interest.

Today the monument welcomes more than 7 million visitors every year who come to admire the city from above. Climbing up to its summit (or taking the lift) is full of surprises, no matter the floor, you will always have an exceptional panoramic view of the city. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to enjoy French gastronomy at the tower’s 1st and 2nd-floor restaurants. You can also check out an exhibition on the Iron Lady or simply wait until nightfall when the city lights up just below your feet, under the glass floor of the first level

Book reserved-access tickets and make the most out of your time

Book your Eiffel Tower tickets and experience the breathtaking views over the roofs and monuments of Paris. Offering someone (or why not just yourself!) a visit to the Eiffel Tower is ensuring them a magical and romantic moment suspended in air and in time. If you visit Paris with Paris City Vision, you won’t even have to wait in line to see the most visited monument in the world with those you love and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

Tourists rush to visit this iconic tourist destination throughout the year. Order your Eiffel Tower tickets online : you don’t have any reasons to miss the visit to the Paris Eiffel Tower anymore: buy your Eiffel Tower ticket on our online website and go take a look at our tours which include many Parisian attractions and interesting spots!

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