Mass at Notre Dame de Paris

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Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, located on the île de la Cité, was brought to life by Victor Hugo and is forever associated with his fictional character: the legendary Quasimodo. But let us not forget that the Cathedral, is not just a tourist attraction, but is first and foremost a Catholic place of worship. Are you religious and spending some time in Paris? We'll tell you everything there is to know about religious services and Mass at Notre-Dame-de-Paris

A Cathedral's principal role

In the Catholic church, places of worship differ depending on their importance and their purpose. The cathedral is the seat of a bishop, who leads a diocese. It is therefore a crucial place of worship for Parisian Catholics, who gather there to attend daily Masses or to participate in the main liturgical celebrations of the Christian calendar.

Cathedrals are therefore always quite prestigious, comparable only with basilicas, which are generally built over the tomb of a saint and house important religious relics.

Attend Mass at Notre-Dame-de-Paris

Spending a few days in Paris? You can easily attend Mass at Notre-Dame, since services take place on a daily basis.

Services scheduled during the week

You can attend Mass at Notre Dame during the week, from Monday to Saturday.

Every Monday morning at 8AM, a Mass takes place in the choir. If you wake up later, you can also attend 9AM Mass (except during the months of July, August, and the first 15 days of September).

Every weekday and on Saturdays at 12PM, Mass takes place at the main altar.

You can also attend Vespers at 5:45PM, from Monday to Saturday. It is followed by Mass at 6:15PM at the main altar (6:30PM on Saturdays).

Sunday services schedule

A series services takes place in the Cathedral on Sundays:

  • 8:30AM: Mass 
  • 9:30AM, Lauds service (morning hymns service)
  • 10AM: Gregorian Mass
  • 11:30AM: International Mass
  • 12:45PM: Mass
  • 5:45PM: Vespers
  • 6:30PM: Mass generally presided over by the archbishop of Paris, an important moment for any Catholics visiting Paris.

Be respectful of Masses during your visit to Notre-Dame.

When you visit Notre-Dame, remember that you are exploring a living, spiritual space, and that you must respect the faith of the churchgoers who pray there. Appropriate dress is required. Please do not be noisy, and do not disturb people who have come there to pray or collect their thoughts.

We wish you an excellent visit to this holy site of Christianity and masterpiece of Medieval Gothic architecture.