Opera Bastille

L’Opera Bastille is in Place de la Bastille in the 11th arrondissement on the eastern side of Paris.  The project was initiated in 1982 by president François Mitterrand who wanted a modern and  popular opera, to  give a lighter feel to the programme of the l’Opera Garnier. It was built by architect Carlos Ott, winner of an international competition to which over 1700 architects submitted plans.  Built on the site of the former Paris-Bastille railway station (which opened in 1859) it was inaugurated on the 13th July 1989 on the Bicentenary of the French Revolution.  The Place de la Bastille is a symbolic place in the history of France, it was there on the 14th July 1789 that the population rose up and stormed the Bastille prison, marking the beginning of the Revolution. L’Opera Bastille is an internationally renowned opera venue.  The façade of the Opéra is a curved, transparent and glossy metallic structure (composed of glass, minerals and steel).  The 2,700 seat auditorium elegantly and warmly combines blue granite, wood and glass and with consistent acoustics.  The building has a floor area of 155,000 m2, it has two theatres and sophisticated scenery arrangements including five mobile stages and an adjustable orchestra pit.  The area around L’Opéra is one of the trendiest in Paris with an extremely lively nightlife. With  Pariscityvision.com  you can take in the  amazing Opera Bastille on  our Illuminations by Minibus excursion or our L'Opentour to visit Paris at your own pace.  Pariscityvision.com also offers you the chance to see numerous ballets via our Theatre booking service.

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