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In addition to being a must-see tourist destination, Paris is among the most populous cities in Europe. And, as in other cities of similar size, it is sometimes subject to air pollution problems. Paris City Visionis committed to responsible tourism, and has made a selection of several excursions and guided tours that add no CO2 emissions to the Paris sky!

Ecotourism by electric vehicle, a zero CO2 option!

Looking to trade in a panoramic bus or car for green transportation that generates no air pollution or noise? Check out these excursions and guided tours in the heart of Paris by Segway, electric scooter, or Nosmoke Car, an all-electric recreational vehicle with a striking resemblance to the lovable Mehari. 

Whether alone, as a couple, or a group, come see Paris’s most illustrious landmarks and neighborhoods, all while reaffirming your respect for the planet and neighborhood tranquility. You’ll also get to try out other more fun and environmentally friendly means of transport. There’s no better way to give sustainable, responsible tourism a whirl!

A unique, sustainable, and different view of Paris

Beyond just an alternative means of transport, these electric vehicles offer Paris visitors an occasion to experience something new and different. By participating in our responsible tourism, you will see Paris from a different viewpoint. Getting around by Segway or electric scooter makes it possible to travel longer distances than on foot without getting tired. What’s more, these vehicles offer access to areas reserved for walkers, namely sidewalks (at low speed) squares, and parks without any constraints. The No smoke Car exemplifies the very idea of the freedom vacation offers.

Try out responsible tourism in Paris 

Take advantage of your time in Paris try responsible tourism. A few simple reflexes will allow you to limit your impact on the environment, while also getting involved in local life.

Use public transportation, a more environmentally friendly solution than individual vehicles. For a solution that’s both mobile and sustainable, check out our tourist bus offers that service multiple stops.

Avoid buying souvenirs from curbside vendors. It’s better to buy from established businesses, as they contribute to the city’s economic development and reduce the risks of purchasing counterfeits.

If you are staying at a hotel, you can request that your sheets and towels not be changed every day. By helping to reduce electricity, water, and laundry use, you are truly participating in eco-tourism and displaying your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Visit the greatest of Parisian monuments, while also taking the time to go off the beaten track. The responsible tourism movement is also a quest for a different experience, more in-tune with local culture. Participate in guided tours and visits to authentic neighborhoods and cross paths with Parisians going about their daily life.

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