Visit Lorànt Deutsch’s secret Paris
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Visit Lorànt Deutsch’s secret Paris

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Two audio-guided excursions in the heart of the Ile de la Cité

Two thematic walking tours are available in Paris: the Palais de la Cité and Notre-Dame de Paris.

Choose the audio-guided tour around the Palais de la Cité with Lorànt Deutsch to take a stroll from the Left Bank to the Right Bank over Pont Neuf, which is actually the oldest bridge in the city. There is so much to discover, so much to learn! Listen closely and immerse yourself in the adventures of the men and women who shaped this island into a world center even in Ancient times, when Emperor Julian made it his imperial residence. Over the sixteen parts of this audio-guided walking tour of Paris, you’ll learn the secrets of the capital’s oldest neighborhoods and historic monuments.

 The audio-guided visit of Notre-Dame and the secrets of its neighborhood with Lorànt Deutsch invite you to (re)discover the most famous medieval cathedral under a new light. For example, did you know that long ago, the facade was painted with bright colors? That the French road system’s point zero, from which distances to other cities in the countries are measured, is located in its forecourt? Do you know the secrets of the gargoyles of Notre-Dame, those immobile stone guardians? Lorànt Deutsch will reveal Notre-Dame Cathedral’s hidden treasures and mysteries, through a joyful blend of great history and anecdotes from the forgotten men and women who lived here and helped give the area its current form. This audio-guided visit, with nineteen parts in the heart of Paris, offers a fun, original, and particularly immersive way to discover a must-see Parisian monument.

These audio-guided visits offer much more than a simple tour of Paris: you’ll board a real time-machine, walking along 21st century streets while re-living eras whose only remaining witnesses are monuments and relics.

From reading Métronome to an audio-guided visit

In Métronome, published in 2009, Lorànt Deutsch offered both history buffs and curious readers a unique, refreshing take on French and Parisian history from an original perspective: a guided visit through the centuries following the Paris metro. Each metro station leads not just to an ordinary street, but to the places where a few centuries ago, a page of French history was written.

A popular success, Métronome was adapted into television documentaries and had a sequel: Métronome 2, which unveils an intimate view of Paris through its streets. Readers will particularly appreciate these two walking tours, since the audio-guided tours pick up where the success of the books and documentaries left off.

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