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Guided tour : Paris Street Art and Graffiti

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Experience an offbeat guided walking tour in a picturesque area of Paris. Discover amazing street art graffitis on Paris buildings made by top French and international artists.

Duration :   2:30 hour(s)
Languages :

The beating heart of Paris street art can be found, without any doubt, in the 13th arondissement.  In the Belleville neighborhood, many graffiti, tags and frescos reveal the immense talent of passionate street artists who continuously break the rules and reinvent new creative codes.  Their works are right there, for all to see : with our guided tours, conducted by passionate knowledgeable guides, you will discover the treasures of Paris street art.

Paris and street art:  from emergence to recognition

For a long time, the prime objective of street art was to be ephemeral, and graffiti art developed on the fringes, at times as illegal practices.  Appearing in the 1960s, street art became extremely popular in France through the stencils of Ernest Pignon-Ernest.  With their passion for art, talented street artists must be distinguished from those who merely have a desire to tag walls in order to deface them. Street artists create real works, which they display to passersby and which they subject to the test of time.

Paris and street art? It involves a tumultuous history, which has continued to be written for years, with its wild and condemned practices, like the work of the artist, Monsieur Chat at the Gare du Nord, and the partnerships between owners and businesses, individuals or groups, and street artists who are commissioned to create frescos , in the pure tradition of painters who, since ancient times,  sell their talent to decorate the walls and facades of homes or public buildings.

Our guided tours will lead you on an a journey to discover street art in Paris and will reveal all the ambivalence and complexity of an artistic movement that never stops challenging itself, with bold brush strokes, spray paint and colors.

Tour of Belleville in Paris:  Street Art and Graffiti!

The working-class neighborhood of Belleville is a veritable cultural melting pot.  Throughout the decades, people from Europe, Africa, the Middle-East and Asia have settled here.  They have brought with them their traditions, cultures and differences.  This veritable cultural melting pot, bubbling with an effervescence and energy unequalled anywhere, has become a meeting place for graffiti and street artists from all over the world.

While participating in our guided tours of Paris street art, you will also discover that Belleville has established itself as an art gallery in its own right. Immense frescos created by groups of artists or world-renowned graffiti artists await passersby who will know where to find them.  Accompanied by guides who are passionate about street culture and artistic movements, you will discover the most trendy Parisian spots, admire incredible frescos, and learn about the history of street art and graffiti in Paris.  An unforgettable experience for people of all ages, which will change your the way you view the city forever:  it will become a place of expression right before your eyes.