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Since 2010, French cuisine has been hailed as World Intangible Heritage by UNESCO, officially recognizing the immense prestige and influence of French food around Europe and the world. This development made French food really known amongst travelers. Many vacationers - whether French or international tourists - are looking for an array of culinary discoveries and experiences through culinary tourism, cooking lessons or food tours (dinner cruise tours). In each destination of your culinary travel, you will discover places and local food of each region.

Paris City Vision has selected several gourmet tours in Paris and throughout France. Make the most of your vacation with fine food and culinary delights. Get an introduction or hone your culinary skills with cooking classes in Paris given by renowned chefs, who reveal their secrets, tips, and tricks: the greatest recipes, dishes, and meals are now within reach. Take part in baking workshops to prepare the sweet snacks and desserts Paris is known and popular for: make macarons, eclairs, and choux pastries to delight the palate and amaze guests at dinner parties. Take part in the culinary activities we offer to get to know the Food culture industry of France

The Michelin guide is also a proof of quality for people, indeed it grades many restaurants and hotels from 1 star to 3 for the bests ones. As a tourist you know where you are when you walk in a graded hotel or restaurant.

Select one of our wine tours to get to know the most delicious wines and discover the prestigious vineyards of Bordeaux, Alsace, and Burgundy. Enology workshops and wine tasting sessions led by expert sommeliers will help you master the finest wines, dry or fruity.

Take advantage of gourmet tours in the heart of Paris—such as the Marais or Saint-Germain neighborhoods—to discover a few of the best-kept secrets known to locals. Enjoy lunch or dinner with your friends and family in a gourmet restaurant or traditional French brasserie.

Foodie or not, take a long and well-deserved break with sweet or savory treats through food tourism. Choose from several gourmet excursions, tasting events, and cooking class in Paris and throughout France, selected by Paris City Vision.

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