Day Trips to Mont Saint-Michel from Paris

Photographie d'une excursion au Mont-Saint-Michel

The town of Mont-Saint-Michel is less than a 4-hour drive from Paris. A day trip from Paris by bus or by coach can be made in a single day. Certain offers, which include hotel stays, propose visits to Normandy, Saint-Malo or the Loire Valley castles.

Going Solo or with a Guide

Thanks to a road-dyke on pillars, the Mont Saint-Michel can be visited at any time of the day. At low tide, one can admire the bay (also a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site) and at high tide, Mont Saint-Michel becomes an island whose silhouette is outlined by the Benedictine abbey.

Visits without a tour guide are perfect for adventurers who prefer to take the less beaten path in search of empty streets and less tourists. Touring the abbey alone is the best way to enjoy all it has to offer, which usually awes its visitors. Admiring the abbey’s nave as long as you want, accompanied only by a leaflet, is a way to fully partake in the meditative and scholarly ambiance found at Mont Saint-Michel.

However, guided visits are also highly appreciated by those who prefer to be informed by some of the best tour guides at Mont Saint-Michel. Tours are available in French, English, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Such tours ensure that the more than 3 million visitors to the abbey don’t miss a single wonder it has to offer.

Day Trip Tips

As its name indicates, the Mont Saint-Michel is a mount. Accessible by foot, visiting the abbey and its surroundings involves a good deal of walking and climbing stairs. Don’t forget to wear a pair of good walking shoes!

Moreover, Mont Saint-Michel is subject to bad weather coming from the English Channel. When visiting during winter, it’s essential to dress in layers.

Discovering Mont-Saint-Michel and its Outlying Areas

The town of Mont Saint-Michel is located in the southern part of the Normandy region, not far from Saint-Malo in Brittany. In fact, once you see Mont Saint-Michel, your visit can continue in either direction: Normandy or Brittany. Before returning to Paris, take a detour and visit the Loire Valley castles: Chenonceau, Chambord and Cheverny. In just a few days, you’ll be able to see some of France’s most emblematic medieval and Renaissance sites.

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