Behind the scenes: Moulin Rouge costumes

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The mind-blowing costumes of Moulin Rouge are part of the magic that this unique place conveys. As nothing is ever left to chance in Moulin Rouge, these costumes are carefully created in order to give viewers the dreamy image they’re looking for when they attend a show.

The conception of costumes 

Costumes, materials and jewels need to be renewed for every new show, that’s the reason why Moulin Rouge decided to work with creators like Mine Verges, an immensely talented creator who manages to create costumes that both suit every single show perfectly and never fail to amaze the audience. Even though Moulin Rouge costumes leave little to imagination, a huge work is put in to result in those glittering and luxuriant costumes. They’re even considered among the most expensive dresses that can be elaborated. Hundreds of sketches are carried out as each show comprises various outfits. But costumes are not everything and accessories like wigs, feather and shoes also matter a lot. 

The costumes must be comfortable to wear and easy to control so that the dancers have no trouble dancing with it. Fabrics and materials must be chosen with serious attention to sublimate choreographies and be resistant enough and only a person with great creativity and professionalism can take on this responsibility. 

The making of costumes 

Every costume usually requires about eight craftsmen including embroiders, jewelers, feather masters and shoemakers. Everything has to be hand-made and flawless to achieve the perfection that only French savoir-faire is able to reach. The elaboration of costumes takes place in the third floor of the building that shelters Moulin Rouge mobilizing two switching working teams who work from 8 in the morning to 11 pm. For example, a cancan dress requires about 160 meters (about 594 feet) of flounce necessitating hundreds of hours of work. Headdresses are made out of real feathers that are beautifully curved by the feather masters. 

But it doesn’t stop there, as scenes must change fast during shows, seamstresses and dressers are on the watch backstage to help dancers change their costumes as fast as possible. They have multiple tasks like sewing dresses between two scenes, keeping them clean and making sure everything is perfect.

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