Belfry Bruges

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300 km from Paris, leave France to discover Bruges. Located in Belgium, 100 km from Brussels, the city is full of typical medieval sites such as Bruges' belfry. This tower is one of the must-see places in the Flemish Region. Overlooking the town known as the "Venice of the North," it is the giant tower. Discover this incredible monument.

Built in the 13th century, the building stands on the famous Grand Place in the city centre, also known as the Markt. This monument is steeped in history, which is why it is classified by UNESCO.


Architecture and construction of the belfry of Bruges

The belfry was built over several periods between the 13th and 15th centuries. Indeed, the tower was initially built in wood. It housed on the ground floor of the halls where fabrics were sold (draperies, wool). Destroyed by multiple fires, its reconstruction was immediately undertaken with two brick bases and four turrets, each topped by a white stone spire.

Named after the Dutch Belfort, this building is one of the oldest and best known of all the belfries in Europe. On each floor, it is a discovery of the Gothic architecture of the county of Flanders.

It has an incredible clockwork mechanism with its carillon of 47 bells. To this day, each signal is automated to sing every hour. This fabulous medieval tower once housed the municipal archives (medieval charters) and the town treasury.

Its 83 meters high served as a viewpoint to identify the dangers that could threaten the city. It was also from the balcony of the belfry that laws were proclaimed.

On the ground floor of the belfry, the covered market continued to grow and still, today, hosts a large covered market animating the city center.

At the top of the tower, access to a platform was set up. The latter offers you a unique experience with a breathtaking view of the city. You have to climb no less than 366 steps to reach this grandiose panorama.


Visit the belfry of Bruges

This historical monument brings many visitors every year. To avoid long queues, we advise you to choose times when the crowds are less crowded.

Indeed, the belfry of Bruges receives only 70 visitors at a time. During peak periods, the tower gets nearly 4,000 visitors. Booking is not available online, so you will have to organize your day if you want to avoid wasting time in the long queues. The ideal is to go there as soon as it opens or after 3 pm on weekdays. The busiest time is between 11 am and 2 pm. To enter the belfry, you will need to count 10 euros for an adult ticket. Prefer the beautiful days of spring or autumn to benefit from a clear view at the top of the monument.

You should also know that like the Tower of Pisa; the belfry leans slightly, 83 cm to be precise, towards the south-east. Nevertheless, don't be afraid to climb the 366 steps, various arrangements have been made to consolidate its architecture.

Unbelievable panorama from the belfry of Bruges

Once you get to the top, you will have more than earned the right to enjoy this incredible view. The city of Bruges and its surroundings will open its arms to you. You will be able to observe other monuments such as :

  •  The Grand Place
  •  The Wijngaard Beguinage
  •  Basilica of the Holy Blood
  •  Notre Dame Church
  •  Sint - Janshospitaal
  •  Lake Minnewater

With this panoramic view, you will be able to choose your next activity: cruise on the canals, visit museums, discover the beguinage... For example, the Groening museum will seduce you with its collections of works by renowned artists such as Jan Van Eyck or Hans Memeling.

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Getting from Paris to Bruges

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