Grand place Bruges

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Bruges is a city in Belgium located 100 kilometers from Brussels. With its cobbled streets and picturesque atmosphere, the town attracts many visitors every year, mainly thanks to its famous Grand Place, also known as the Markt (from the Dutch Grote Markt).


Grand Place of Bruges: the heart of the city

Situated in the heart of the historic city center, the lively Grand Place of Bruges covers a total area of 1 hectare. It is surrounded by several buildings of character and historical monuments. The square abounds in gabled houses with colorful facades.

Alongside the bars and restaurants, you will also find on this square the largest market in the city: market gardeners, florists; Every Wednesday morning, the culinary specialties of the region are waiting for you: chocolates (like Jeff from Bruges), waffles, beers, fried mussels, carbonade... If you visit the city on another day, don't panic! The city's restaurants and brasseries will also prepare delicious local dishes for you. You will also find small shops where you can take home souvenirs from Bruges.

East of the Markt is the Provincial Palace. It was built in 1887, and its neo-Gothic façade is a true masterpiece of 20th-century architecture. Adjacent to this monument, the Historium Brugge (Bruges in Dutch) offers you a real journey back in time. This museum takes you back to the Middle Ages with virtual reality headphones and audio guides.

In the center of the museum stands the statue of the famous revolutionaries: Jean Breydel and Pieter de Kooning. The latter was erected in 1887 following Bruges' revolt against the French king Philippe Le Bel.

To the south of the square, the Bruges Beer Museum introduces you to one of the local specialties. Combining culture and tasting, it reveals the entire process of making Bruges beer. At the end of the visit, a tasting of the famous "grout de Bruges" (local beer specialty with spices) is offered to you.

The famous belfry of Bruges was built behind the Markt. It stands at 83 meters above sea level and offers a breathtaking view of the market square and the rest of the city. This medieval tower of Gothic architecture is one of the city's must-see monuments. The panorama it offers is well deserved, as you will have to climb more than 300 steps to reach the platform at the top of the tower.


On the outskirts of the Grand Place

Also known as the "Venice of the North," the city is crisscrossed by water. It is customary to visit Bruges by walking along the canals and even to take a short boat trip. Near the Grand Place, you will find many historical sites that you cannot miss.

Just a few steps from the Markt, you will come across the Jan Van Eyck Square. The 40-meter-long canals are the place where boats used to dock their goods. Once unloaded, the merchandise was then put on sale at the belfry halls on the Grand Place. Today the square is named after Jan Van Eyck, in honor of the painter whose statue is erected in the center. Born in the 15th century, Jan Van Eyck was one of the Flemish art movement's forerunners.

You can also visit the Wijngaard beguinage of the Basilica of the Holy Blood to learn more about the history and culture of Bruges.

Other places such as the Minnewater lake will bring you peace, while museums such as Arenthuis or Groening will present you with their incredible collections.

For your transport, you will easily find a paying car park if you arrive by car. The city is also very well served by public transport. Many buses are approaching the Markt. Paris City Vision also offers excursions from Paris. For this, we provide you with air-conditioned buses.

Whether on the square itself or in the small streets surrounding it, you will easily find hotel rooms to welcome you during your stay in the Belgian city. Martin's Brugges, located on the Markt, welcomes you in its 3-star hotel.

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