Seven activities for an unforgettable January 1st in Paris

Paris under snow

You are spending New Year’s Eve in Paris, so stay a few days for vacation! Here are seven activity ideas for starting 2017 right and getting the most out of your stay.

1. Put on your ice skates

The city pools might be closed, but temporary ice rinks, usually installed on the Champs Élysées and at the Jardin d’Acclimatation, should be open to the public on January 1st.

2. Admire the works of art at the Centre Pompidou

This museum is a must-see for all contemporary art lovers. An exhibition dedicated to René Magritte will be on display from September 21, 2016 to January 23, 2017.

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3. Visit the Musée Grévin

The Musée Grévin is famous for strikingly realistic wax statues of historical figures, stars, artists, and politicians. It will be open on January 1st, 2017.

4. Admire the rooftops of Paris from atop the Eiffel Tower

The monument that best symbolizes Paris is open all year round, including on January 1st. What better place to visit than the Eiffel Tower to start the year off right?

5. Get to know the Musée Montmartre and the Renoir Gardens

The works of Bernard Buffet will be on display from October 20, 2016 to March 6, 2017. This Directory-style building, tucked away in a green corner, has a special something. Might it be the most charming museum in the city?

6. Wander the paths of Père Lachaise Cemetery...

...and discover the graves of figures who influenced their times. The singer Jim Morrison and the authors Honoré de Balzac, Oscar Wilde, and Marcel Proust have their final resting places there.

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7. Explore the Notre-Dame cathedral

This masterpiece of Gothic art, home of the legendary Quasimodo, is open to the public every day of the year. Remember that it is a place of worship and that you must respect the silence and the faith of people who gather there.

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