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Hall of Mirrors

Entirely restored in 2007, the mythic Palace of Versailles Hall of Mirrors is 73 meters long and 10,5 meters in height. Additionally, we count 17 windows tand 357 mirrors of exceptional size that cover the room completely to grant an astounding and shining overall volume. The ceiling, 12 meters above the floor, is adorned with almost 1000 m2  of paintings from Charles Le Brun 's workshop, representing 30 compositions, the achievements of King Louis XIV. In the mirrors the gildings, the ceiling and the visitors themselves are reflected in what becomes a magic atmosphere. Inaugurated in 1684, this masterwork by the architect Mansart, has been conceived in a baroque style in order to immortalize the glory of the monarch. The king did not hesitate to destroy part of its Grand Apartment so that the Hall of Mirrors could be built. Known as the 'Grand Galerie' in the XVIIth century, and meant to dazzle the royal guests, it remained above all a corridor passage, a meeting place or a courtier congregation spot. It was only in very exceptional occasions, ceremonies, like when the kings wanted a sparkling diplomatic celebration or a royal wedding, such as the one that united Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI. The Hall of Mirrors was the place where the treaty of Versailles bringing the First World War to an end was signed in 1919. Nowadays this is a museum and an exhibition hall, the highlight of Versailles Palace. Admire the Hall of Mirrors Versailles with Pariscityvision.com 's many tours, the Visit of the Royal Castle with an audio guide or the combination Giverny and Versailles, or a full day at Versailles including the visit of the petit trianon, with a guide.

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