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If one car can represent the art of French living, it's the 2CV in Paris. With over 5 million vehicles manufactured, the car popularly known as the “Deudeuche” has been weaving across Parisian and French roads for more than fifty years. Its rounded features have made it a celebrity, in the streets and in the cinema, with notable appearances in a number of films. It also represents freedom, and its accessible pricing has made it a favorite of many drivers, for tours and journeys with the family or as lovers. Many people have a special attachment to the 2CV and would love to get to know it better or simply to be reunited.

Visit Paris in 2CV: an unforgettable experience

Visiting Paris in a 2CV is more than a simple car tour: the rumble of the engine and the particular smell of old cars will plunge you into a truly irresistible retro environment. Is there anything better than a 2CV for rediscovering the famous ‘Butte Montmartre’, crisscrossing the streets of the Marais or Saint-Paul village?

Taking a 2CV tour in Paris is a genuine sensory experience, to be shared as a couple or with friends. PARISCityVISION has selected the best routes for visiting Paris in a 2CV, accompanied by a chauffeur who can also be a genuine tour guide if required.

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