Carnavalet museum

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In the middle of the Marais quarter, next to Middle Age mansions, is the Carnavalet Museum -which harbors a comprehensive history of Paris. The museum began, in 1548, as a hotel in a Renaissance style, and was later partially rebuilt by the illustrious architect, François Mansart. The marquise of Sévigné lived there, among others. The Carnavalet Museum proposes a journey in time which covers from the origins of Paris to the present, honoring the genius of Paris with over 100 models, 3000 sculptures, almost that many paintings and 230.000 engravings and etchings! You will discover exceptional collections : French Revolution memorabilia, such as the keys to the Bastille; a coffin-shaped ring containing hair from Louis XVI; or souvenirs from famous men, among them Marcel Proust's personal furniture. You may even see archaeological vestiges and Neolithic canoes from the first inhabitants. In the 'Orangerie', recently remodeled, prehistoric collections are also in exibition, along with Gallo-Roman ones and the three gardens where more than 2.500 different types of plants grow. Quite near, the 'Place des Vosges' , the first royal square of the capital, is also worth visiting. Vosges square has a timeless and unique atmosphere which is, at the same time, suitable for shopping. Otherwise, you may prefer to stroll in the nearby garden of the gentle lawn. Benefit from the expert guides during the Walking tour of the Marais district : a village in Paris.

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