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The Grand Trianon is a palace built for Louis XIV in 1687 by Jules Hardoin-Mansart in the heart of the Gardens of Versailles. It is classed as a historical monument and is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. In 1672, Louis XIV ordered the architect Louis Le Vau to build of the first Trianon Palace. He spent time there to get away from the Royal Court and  to meet his favourite mistress Madame de Montspan. This “Porcelain Trianon” was built out of ceramic tiles, which deteriorated quickly. Fifteen years later, the King ordered its demolition so that it could be replaced by a new residencey made out of pink marble, the “Marble Trianon”, sometimes called the “Pink Trianon”, which also had a new garden built next to it. This palace is considered a compositional model of architecture for the 18th Century and the most sophisticated estate in Versailles. A second castle, the Petit Trianon, would be unveiled by the countess Du Barry, favourite mistress of Louis XV, and given by Louis XVI to his young wife Marie-AntoinetteThe Grand Trianon Versailles, of classic French design and inspired by Italian architecture, is made up of a large cour d’honneur, a palace and an ensemble of gardens and numerous fountains.The palace is also endowed with an important collection of paintings. The current décor is that of the First Empire, the royal furnishings having been scattered during the French Revolution. The construction of the French gardens was overseen by landscape architect Le Nôtre . The Versailles gardens orderly and geometric, which surround the Palace to emphasize its beauty. At the time, nearly 2 million ceramic pots were used and reserved for the decoration of the flowerbeds. Numerous contemporary personalities have stayed here, such as General De Gaulle, Richard Nixon and Queen Elizabeth II of Britain. Do not miss the opportunity of a guided visit to Versailles : the Royal Palace, Trianons and Queen Hamlet available on Pariscityvision.com.

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