Giverny's Tourism Office

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Tourism Office: At the Gates of the Eure

This main tourism office is an official and historic site of the Eure in Normandy. You’ll find loads of information on its official website. Must-see places, emblematic destinations, photos of the most stunning short, nothing will escape you. You’ll even find a special section dedicated to the history of Giverny and Monet.

Keep in mind that despite its small size and humble appearance, Giverny is one of Normandy’s most visited tourist destinations. Here are some quick facts on Giverny:

This is why the town of Giverny had to create a Tourist Welcome Center that was entirely dedicated to the town’s tourism industry. And so, on June 1, 2012, the « Maison du Tourisme Normandie Giverny » was opened.

The Giverny Tourism Center of Normandy

This center is the result of a collaborative effort between the C.A.P.E. (Agglomeration of the Community of the Gates of the Eure), Giverny’s Mayor’s Office, the Tourism Office of the Gates of the Eure, the regional councils of High Normandy and the Ile-de-France vis-à-vis their respective Regional Tourism Committees (CRT), the General Council of the Eure, and Eure Tourism, presided over by President Gérard Volpatti.

In partnership with various local actors, the Giverny Tourism Center of Normandy offers its services throughout the tourist season, or from April to October. During this busy period, the Giverny Tourism Center of Normandy remains open seven days a week. There you’ll find tons of useful and practical information thanks to two, touch-screen and three, classic-screen information booths, an interactive info booth, brochures, books and a boutique. Its goal is to make you feel at home in Giverny and, of course, to allow you to discover the town and its hidden charms without any hassle.

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