Audio-Guided Tour around the Palais de la Cité by Lorànt Deutsch

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Discover the Ile e la Cité accompanied by Lorànt Deutsch’s enthusiastic commentary played via audio-pen. He’ll lead you around the Palais de la Cité, which includes several buildings and is considered the birthplace of Lutèce, Paris’s original name.

You’ll set off on a audio-guided adventure enriched with fascinating anecdotes as told by French actor Lorànt Deutsch, author of “Métronome”.

The walk will start in from of the Palais de Justice, where at the bottom right, you’ll glimpse the steps which Marie-Antoinette climbed to reach the site of her execution by guillotine. Lorànt Deutsch will tell you other somber stories about the French monarchs. Including that in this building, located between Tour César and Tour d’Argent, more than 2,000 prisoners were sentenced to death. The Palais de la Cité was not always the headquarters of the police and the French justice system; it served as a prison during the French Revolution.Lorànt Deutsch, a devotee of Paris, knows incredible little details about the capital's history. He will reveal to you which kings and queens the initials decorating the clocktower correspond to. At the entrance of the Pont Neuf, you’ll see the statue of Henry IV, which was the first statue erected in the public square. It is said that a statuette of Napoleon and anti-royalist writing was discovered in his left arm. Lorànt Deutsch’s enthusiasm in describing the daily lives of the passers-by and artists which centered around the Pont Neuf will immerse you in the era’s ambiance. 

Lorànt Deutsch
Lorànt Deutsch in Paris

This visit around the Palais de la Cité will finish at the Quai des Orfèvres, bearing witness to Paris's judicial and military history as well. The famous address Quai des Orfèvres No. 36 is often pictured in films, one of which featured famous French actor Gérard Depardieu. Lorànt Deutsch also invites you to examine the walls of the dock, where you’ll see traces of bullet holes dating from World War II. This site was recognized by General De Gaulle as the place where “Paris liberated itself”.

The audio-pen will let you visit the neighborhood around the Ile de la Cité at your own pace. You’ll be captivated by Lorant Deutsch's engaging commentary, which will immerse you in the the eventful history of Paris. The many anecdotes recounted by this devotee of the French capital will transport you through centuries of history.

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  • Audio-Pen available in French, English, Chinese, and Spanish
  • Route map of the excursion

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  • Entrance tickets into Paris monuments 

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With your exchange voucher, go directly to the reception of the Hotel Les Rives de Notre-Dame to get the audio-pen and the map.

  • Duration 1:30 hour
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  • Highlights
  • Dive into a fascinating, audio-guided adventure narrated by Lorànt Deutsch
  • A Paris fanatic, the French actor will reveal many of the histories surrounding the Ile de la Cité
  • Discover unknown areas and secret mysteries around the Palais de la Cité
  • Visit at your own pace with the help of an audio-pen and a map of the route

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Audio-Guided Tour around the Palais de la Cité by Lorànt Deutsch

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