Disneyland Paris Best Attractions

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If you are a loyal fan of the famous theme park, you are bound to have a favorite attraction. Whether you love an adrenaline rush, escapism or enchanted moments, you are guaranteed to find a Disneyland Paris attraction that stands out from the rest. Here is our list of the essential experiences to make your day at the park complete.

Space Mountain: a planetary phenomenon

Every roller coaster aficionado knows about Space Mountain. What makes this ride unique is that the entire track is contained within a single, giant room. The turns comes fast and furious and the setting is lavish with lighting and sound effects on the cars whose pulsations and thrumming are perfectly synced to the ride.

The other thing that makes Space Mountain an outstanding ride at Disneyland: its sudden acceleration at the beginning, with a launch ramp called "The Cannon" that literally glues you to your seat.

Big Thunder Mountain: exploring new frontiers

In the 19th century, American pioneers opened up a new frontier in the vast expanses of the West. In an ambiance largely inspired by the mythical Wild West, Big Thunder Mountain delivers thrills: this roller coaster owes much of its reputation to the unique atmosphere that appeals to children (who meet the height requirement) and adults alike. You will zoom at speeds up to 40 miles per hour.

Don your cowboy hat and boots and take off on four minutes of unforgettable adventure on Big Thunder Mountain, a Disneyland Paris attraction that is integral to the park's identity.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

If you are a diehard fan of the second installment in the adventures of the world's coolest archeologist, you will be addicted to the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom roller coaster. Even as you wait in line, you are plunged into the film's setting in the thick of the jungle. When it's your turn to hop into a car, you will probably wonder if this Disneyland ride is for you. Once you take off, it's too late to turn back! What's the best part of the track? The loop! Consider yourself warned; Indiana Jones himself picked it.

Ready to huddle down? Then check out one of the most extraordinary attractions at Disneyland Paris.

Pirates of the Caribbean: attack!

This famous ride at Disneyland Paris is one of the great classics at Disney theme parks around the world. It even inspired one of the most popular movie sagas of the last decade. With Pirates of the Caribbean, hop into a boat and float through the South Seas. Between ship attacks, sword fights and parties doused in countless barrels of rum, this singular attraction takes you to a world of high adventure. Heave-ho, mates!

It's a Small World: an enchanted miniature world

Without a doubt, the most refreshing attraction at Disneyland! Take a seat in one of the ride's cars to amble along a serene route through a colorful world. Dolls attired in folk costumes from all the regions of the world sing a joyous tune whose refrain you won't be able to resist. It's not about the thrills here, but rather a sense of joy, as if diving into a childlike world and lingering there.

Situation : Fantasyland

Disneyland attractions: there's something for everyone!

Every member of the family, from the tiniest tots to their grandparents, will find something to their taste at Disneyland Paris. In the Disney theme park, the magic is not confined to enclosed spaces accessed through long lines: it's all around you on the streets and in every corner of the playful setting. With the Disneyland parade, Halloween activities and characters who roam the park to pose for pictures with kids, every moment will be full of wonder.

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