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Fairs, such as that of Trône which dates back to the year 957 in France, distant relatives of what are now amusements parks, have always been rendez-vous points for the old and the young. Places full of amusement and leisure, of marvels and smiles, french amusement parks include the famous Disneyland® Paris, the most visited tourist destination in Europe (with 250 million visitors in 20 years), and Parc Astérix. Rich in classical merry-go-rounds and unexpected surprises, thess leisure parks spark animation in everyone, such as the lit up parade of Disneyland® Paris, which opens up children's eyes to the stars. In Parc Astérix, in the universe of Gaulois, the biggest mountains of Russia are waiting for you for a 90km/h trip in arrowhead! A day in an amusement park assures strong positive, emotions and spent unforgettable moments with your family and friends.

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