Walt Disney Studios Park: times and attractions

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Opened in 2002, the Walt Disney Studios Park added to the attractions at Disneyland Paris, inaugurated ten years earlier. 

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The Walt Disney Studios Park concept

A new type of park in Europe, the park is inspired by the Disney’s Hollywood Studios parks it operates in other places in the world. By considerably increasing opportunities for leisure, its main goal was to encourage stays on-site in Disneyland hotels: a stay of several days is essential for visitors who want to enjoy all the two parks’ entertainment and attractions. The simplest is to stay on site.

The theme of cinema is at the forefront of Walt Disney Studios Paris: shows, attractions, shops, everything is inspired by movie classics and Disney’s most famous films. 
The park is also divided into several kingdoms:

1. Front Lot is located at the entrance to Walt Disney Studios Park. It is made up of studio 1 and two other buildings. 

2. Toon Studio has a cartoon atmosphere and its decor is partly inspired by the Fantasia universe. Here you can find several attractions.

3. As its name suggests, Toy Story Playland is dedicated to Pixar’s most famous saga of animated films.

4. La Place de Rémy looks to the world of Ratatouille and hosts a new attraction that relies on cutting edge technology.

5. Production Courtyard is a large area in the park with several attractions including the iconic Tower of Terror. 

6. Hollywood Boulevard is a rather faithful reproduction of Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. 

7. Backlot evokes the special atmosphere of studios where movies are made.

While smaller than its big brother, the Walt Disney Studios Park Paris has a strong identity of its own, offering visitors wide variety and variations on the theme of cinema.

Attractions at Walt Disney Studios Paris

Today, the park has 14 attractions with different concepts. While some are intended for the whole family, others are enjoyed more by thrill seekers.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™

This is probably one of the most famous attractions of all Walt Disney Studios. The Hollywood Tower Hotel attracted Tinseltown’s high society until a catastrophe brought it to a close. Will you dare to enter the most haunted hotel in the park?

Armageddon: Special Effects

Located in Backlot, this attraction plunges you into the explosive history of special effects using the theme of spaceships. Come watch the fabulous show that is Armageddon!

Art of Disney Animation

Designed primarily for the little ones, this Walt Disney Studios Paris attraction introduces you to the secrets of making Disney's greatest classics. Maybe we’ll even let you take the reins!

Cars Four Wheel Rally

Fans of the Cars animated films will be in heaven! This attraction lets them take the wheel of a shiny car with Flash McQueen for a tour of the small town of Radiator Springs.

Crush's Coaster

Inspired by Finding Nemo, these roller coasters combine a circuit with many falls, a multitude of turns and climbs, with advanced technologies to deeply immerse yourself like never before. Hop on the back of Crush the turtle and head for the heart of the underwater currents!

Disney Studio 1

Here’s Hollywood! In the heart of Studio 1, discover the Tinseltown studio. Experience film making from the inside, from the glitter and glitz of the Roaring 20’s to the swing era of the 1960’s.

Ratatouille: A Recipe for Adventure

The most famous gourmet rat has his own attraction at Walt Disney Studios. Avoid Chef Skinner with Ratatouille in an incredible attraction that gives you an unparalleled level of immersion thanks to cutting edge technologies.

RC Racer

Inspired by Toy Story, this attraction takes you on-board one of Andy’s cars. Hold on to your hat: Andy’s taking you on his impressive U-shaped 25-meter-high circuit!

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

Congratulations! You are part of the elite regiment of plastic soldiers. There’s just one last challenge for you to earn your stripes: a parachute drop. Will you take on the over 25-meter fall over a military base where watchtowers bristle with small figurines who are armed to the teeth?

Slinky® Dog Zigzag Spin

Another attraction inspired by the Toy Story universe, Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin takes children on the back of Zigzag the dog, who starts to run in circles, jumping over a well-filled dish. Laughter is guaranteed!

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster avec Aerosmith

At Tour de Force Records, Aerosmith want you to take part in filming their craziest music video yet. Rock out to the amped up beats and get on the roller coaster where twists, drops, and accelerations come at you one after the other at over 100 km/h.

Studio Tram Tour®: Behind the Magic

Hop on the tramway and let Jeremy Irons be your guide to the movie studios. You can admire the movie decors and accessories. Watch out for Catastrophe Canyon: a spark may set things off!

Les Tapis Volants – Flying Carpets Over Agrabah®

Climb on board Aladdin’s famous flying carpet and take off over Agrabah! Dive to the ground or fly into the clouds and try to grab the sacred beetle to have your wildest wishes granted!

Meet Spider-Man

We heard Spiderman is walking through the Walt Disney Studios alleyways. If you find him, grab him for a photo together. You might just find yourself on the front page of the Daily Bugle.

Shows and events

On top of attractions, the Walt Disney Studios Park Paris offers a variety of shows for the whole family. Among the most popular, CinéMagique will take you through the history of the movies, and Stitch Live! is an interactive show that will delight the kids.

Opening hours and traffic

Walt Disney Studios’ opening hours can change depending on the time of year. While the park opens at 10 AM, it can close at 6 PM or 8 PM depending on the season. To find out the opening hours for each season, visit the park’s official site: it shows you the opening hours for the next 90 days.

Regarding busy periods, here are some useful tips:

1. The summer period, school vacations, and weekends are the busiest times. Check out the map of French school vacations and avoid the vacations for zone C (Paris) and zone B, which covers the northern third of France.

2. To make the most of the park, get there at 10 AM and head for the most popular attractions. Traffic will be lower and wait times will be shorter. 

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