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Paris by Night : Cruise, City Tour, Dinner close to the Champs Elysées

4 hour(s)
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Guided Visit of Montmartre + the Louvre Museum

4.5 hour(s)
From €81.00

Guided Tour: Historical Paris + Notre-Dame de Paris

3.8 hour(s)
From €63.00

Covered Passages & Opera Garnier

3 hour(s)
From €37.00

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Without doubt, the diversity of Paris shines through its neighbourhoods more than any other city in the world. Organised around its monuments, squares, Paris Places such as Bastille, and cultural spaces, each neighborhood (or 'quartier' as they are known) reveals the city's charms. Their atmosphere has been developed by history and the people, their inhabitants and merchants defending them with pride, keeping their values and identities. Sometimes they come about as a product of their geography, such as Montmartre with the Sacre Coeur basilica, where the small streets are filled with the village spirit and long artistic traditions. This area is closed to the bustling quarter of Pigalle. Sometimes, they are a product of history, like the old neighbourhood of Le Marais, where the blast back to the middle ages blends itself with the splendour of the great 17th century estates. Or as the Père Lachaise cemetery, property of the Jesuits in the 17th century. And some are even a product of pure culture, such as the Latin Quarter where you can discover Saint Michel quarter and Saint Germain des Prés, built from its original Roman installations and known throughout the centuries as a university neighbourhood of international recognition. Paris's neighbourhoods give the town a unique sense of life, with varied architecture and activities to match. You could discover also Paris' culture and leisure in La Villette. Stroll around commercial quarter such as Les Halles, closed to Châtelet, or on the world's finest avenue of the Champs Elysées, discover artistic, institutional, residential, luxurious, popular "villages": these traits make up Paris just as much as its neighbourhoods do!

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Priority access to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral with an Audio guide

(1 reviews)

Take the opportunity to have a special priority access to visit the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral at your own pace with an audio guide available in several languages. Admire the facade and discover the Treasury and its magnificent stained glass windows. Finish with a visit of part of the Latin quarter. You’ll be given an exclusive gift from the Cathedral.

Durée : 2 hour(s)
From €19.00 See details

Luxury and Pleasure - Louvre Lifestyle

Enjoy a taste of luxury as you visit the neighborhood around the Louvre, which has grown from its royal traditions into a chic area for food and shopping. See centuries of history and the latest in fashion as you visit these prestigious streets.

Durée : 2.5 hour(s)
From €80.00 See details

Saint-Germain-des-Prés Lifestyle

Take a Saint-Germain-des-Prés walking tour in Paris. Learn about the history of this neighborhood and sample some of the local treats.

Durée : 2.5 hour(s)
From €80.00 See details

Covered Passages, Secret Shopping

Discover the remnants of an extensive covered shopping network on this tour filled with both history and unique shopping!

Durée : 3 hour(s)
From €95.00 See details

The French Art of Seduction

This walking tour of Montmartre is all about romance - learn stories of love and lust with your guide, see historic monuments representing the City of Lovers, and learn some terms and words to woo the French themselves.

Durée : 2 hour(s)
From €65.00 See details

2h Walking Shopping Tour of the Marais

Follow your personal shopper dow the streets of Le Marais, one of the best aera in Paris for one-aof-a-kind items and vintage treasures

Durée : 3 hour(s)
From €90.00 See details

Fab Package of Shopping & Beauty Day in Paris

Enjoy a fabulous day in Paris including a make-up session, a hair styling and a personal shopping experience!

Durée : 5 hour(s)
From €450.00 See details

Le Marais 3-Hour Walking Tour

Discover a classically hip Parisian neighborhood on this small group tour

Durée : 3 hour(s)
From €59.00 See details

Jewish History Guided Tour

A uniquely informative two-hour tour of the Jewish History of Paris. Discover the layered and complex history of the Jewish community as you’re visiting the charming Marais district.

Durée : 2 hour(s)
From €75.00 See details

Haussmannian Paris Guided Tour

A tour about the most ambitious urban planning project of its time. Discover how today's Paris came to be.

Durée : 2 hour(s)
From €75.00 See details