Grevin museum

The meeting point of the unusual is niched in the Grand boulevards district, close to the Garnier Opera: the Grévin museum, created in 1881, displays no less than 300 wax characters from Albert Einstein to Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Jackson and Queen Elisabeth II. In Royal times, after the death of a personality, it was common place to expose a representation of the wax face. At the end of the 19th century, the journalist Arthur Meyer wanted to give substance to the personalities who hit the headlines in his newspaper. Back then, photography was still rare in the press, so he came up with a place where the public could finally "put a face" to the personalities who had been, or who were, in the news. You will discover numerous reconstructed scenes from French History, such as the captivity of Louis XVI at Temple or Joan of Arc on the stake. There are also classified decors from the 1900’s, an Italian-style pocket theatre, a marble staircase and a room with baroque columns. Its success was immediate and continues to this day. Recently, Mika, Brad Pitt and Georges Clooney joined the personality gallery. You will learn a few trade secrets such as the fact that all hair used is natural and implanted hair by hair, and that certain accessories really belonged to their characters, like Marat's authentic bathtub or Mozart’s harpsichord. After Grevin wax museum visit, take part of tour The Hidden Treasures of Paris : from the Palais Royal to the Opera Garnier.

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Skip-the-Line Ticket to the Musée Grévin

The Musée Grévin is the perfect place to visit with the whole family, and go at your own pace. Come and see wax figures from a variety of backgrounds, from France and around the world.

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Skip-the-Line Ticket to the Musée Grévin and Tour of Paris

Come and have a unique experience in Paris with your family, using this pass. Take advantage of a tour of the city to discover the most symbolic places and monuments of Paris in a double decker panoramic bus. Visit the famous Musée Grévin, where you can visit many worlds at the same time by meeting the famous figures from all ages. 

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