The Carrousel du Louvre

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Carrousel du Louvre takes its name from the Place du Carrousel opposite the main pyramid. An aerial view shows the base of the inverted pyramid in the square. The top is visible inside the shopping mall.

The history of Carrousel du Louvre

Construction of Carrousel du Louvre was seen as an extension of the entrance in a project that began in the early 1990s. It opened officially in 1993 and is now one of central Paris’s most popular shopping centers. Work on the Carrousel led to the discovery of the ancient ditches of Paris. It was decided that the medieval ruins should be preserved in their original location. They are now visible in the Carrousel mall and form an integral part of it. Sculptures have been added. Carrousel du Louvre plays more than just a practical role for the museum, as it houses the relics of its past with an archaeological zone.

The Carrousel also provides access to the École du Louvre.

A shopping mall

The shopping area of Carrousel du Louvre puts luxury boutiques alongside souvenir stores. A wide variety of businesses operate there, including the Apple Store, a Lancel leather goods store, and Bickici jewelry. Tourists will love the fact that brands typical of France are all in one place, such as Mariages Frères for tea, or Fragonard and L’Occitane for toiletries. There is also a Comédie Française store for buying tickets for the theater of the famous group of the same name.

Dining near to the Louvre

To get you ready for a visit to the museum, or to round off your tour, Carrousel du Louvre has a huge food court offering real variety. There is fast food as well as a cafeteria serving food from around the world with something for everyone.

Gateway to the medieval Louvre

The Grand Louvre work and construction of the Carrousel laid bare the astounding foundations for the Royal Palace. These are the ruins of Charles V perimeter wall, a wall of stone and ditches designed to protect the city. The part that is visible in the Carrousel du Louvre mall was constructed in the 16th century.

Services inside the Carrousel

To make it easier for French and foreign visitors to access the Louvre Museum, the Carrousel provides a range of essential services. There is a car hire company, a bank, a bureau de change, and a ticket office for Paris’s main museums.

An extension of the Louvre Museum, the Carrousel is open from 8 am to 11 pm all week. It can be accessed from the Palais Royal - Musée du Louvre metro, or from 99 Rue de Rivoli and the Place du Carrousel.

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