2019 Agenda of the Louvre exhibitions

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The Louvre museum, in the heart of the City of Lights, has an exhibition calendar that looks particularly promising for 2019 and attracts visitors from the entire world. These temporary exhibitions are accessible with the same entrance ticket as for permanent collections. If you want to go to the Louvre just for a piece of art or a series of works of art in particular, you can continue your visit to one of the departments of the museum.

Louvre 2019: The must-see exhibitions

Engrav for the King

Since 1797, the museum’s chalcography has preserved more than 14 000 cooper-engraved matrices, used to make prints. This exhibition allows you to admire more than sixty of the most remarkable matrices, which made it possible to spread the image of the King in the 17th and the 18th centuries.

Dates : From February 21st to May 20th 2019



Forgotten kingdoms the heirs of the Hittite Empire

This power which rivaled with antic Egypt dominated Anatolia and a part of the Levant until 1200 BC. Discover through a fascinating journey the mythical sites of this remarkable civilization that occupied part of the territories of the present-day Turkey and Syria. The highlight of this exhibition devoted to the Hittite empire? The remains of the Tell Halaf site.

Dates : From May 2nd to August 12th of 2019

Leonardo da Vinci

The Louvre museum promises us for fall 2019 a new sensational exhibition in honor of Leonardo da Vinci. This artist, engineer, scientist disappeared just five-hundred years ago. The five greatest paintings of Leonardo da Vinci will be presented at the same time and will form the heart of this international retrospective. Let’s remember the unique link that connects this genius artist to France, as it’s career ended in France at the invitation of King François I.

Date : Fall 2019 

Last chance : The 2018 exhibitions still available in January 2019

Japanism 2018: Kohei Nawa, Throne

2018 marks the 160th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and France. It’s also the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Meiji era, which starts a tremendous movement of modernization of the country. This event is honored through an impressive installation. Under the Louvre Pyramid, awaits you Throne, a monumental work of art made by Kohei Nawa. Spectacular, entirely gilded with fine-gold, it is a link between tradition and modernity.

Dates : From July 13,2018 to February 18th, 2019 

A dream of Italy : The marquis Campana's collection

In association with Hermitage Museum, the Louvre is offering a unique exhibition on the extraordinary Marquis Campana’s collection. This man, a great art lover of the 19th century, assembled a collection of exceptional ambition between 1830 and 1850. It was dispersed after a trial and its ruin. This exhibition is a must-see, even for a museum as the Louvre: more than 500 works are reunited, including true masterpieces of inestimable value. Paintings after paintings, this exhibition is a first for the Louvre and certainly one of the most ambitious of the museum. Each painter, Each artist offers as much a glance on the art as on this fantastic and outsized collector whose name has fallen into oblivion.

Dates : From November 7th, 2018 to February 18th, 2019

Archeology in bubbles

The Petite Galerie, The Louvre’s artistic and cultural education space, opens every year a new theme. For the first semester of 2019, this exhibition focuses on the dialectic between archeology and comics. It’s about appropriating the archeologist’s approach while understanding the comics author’s look on this amazing material. Different pieces, pictures, works will be presented to visitors through a funny, interactive and educational journey. This event is particularly suitable for children.

Dates : From September 26th to July 1st 2019

Chiaroscuro Engraving : Cranach, Raphaël, Rubens …

A selection of 120 prints are used to trace a technique with unique aesthetic: the engraving in chiaroscuro, also called color engraving.
The greatest masters of the Renaissance and of the Mannerism are present in this exhibition of the Louvre, as Rubens, Raphaël or Hans Baldung Grien. An exhibition dedicated to artists who approaches art from a technical point of view, both educational and exciting.

Dates : From October 18th to January 14th,  2019  

Better enjoy your exhibition at the Louvre

We remind you that exhibitions are free under certain conditions :

  • For people under 18 upon presentation of an official ID document,
  • For people between 18 and 25 from European Union upon presentation of an official residence proof and an official ID document
  • For teachers upon presentation of Education Pass...
  • ...

Visitors can also enjoy free entrance on the first Saturday night of each month from 6pm till 10 pm. The opportunity to follow the classical museum route or enter the room of a temporary exhibition, devoted to the theme of your choice. 

You can also book your tickets and save time the day of your visit.

Beyond exhibitions : The work on scene

The museum space represented by the Louvre continues to be rediscovered and put on the stage, hosting many events that reinforces the already abundant cultural life that is offered to the public. The auditorium of the Louvre hosts conferences, symposia devoted to art, culture, history, live shows.../p>

For example, you can discover the lecture cycle “L’Oeuvre en Scène” which aims to present a masterpiece in one hour.

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