2017 Diary of Exhibitions at the Louvre

The Louvre Museum has an extensive calendar of exhibitions. The same entrance ticket is valid for both these temporary displays and the permanent collections. So if you are coming to the Louvre for a particular exhibition, you can continue your visit in any of the museum’s departments.

Founding myths, from Hercules to Darth Vader

Myths were used by ancient people to explain creation of the world and natural events such as night and day. Founding myths take on every plastic form: sculptures, paintings, objects, etc. They have been depicted in many ways to inspire the most contemporary fictions. The exhibition consists of 70 miscellaneous pieces, some of which will surprise you!

When: until July 4, 2016

3:30 hour(s)
From €39.00
1 day(s)
From €20.00

In Arcueil’s leafy groves

The exhibition brings together the work of four artists, Jean-Baptiste Oudry, Charles-Joseph Natoire, François Boucher, and Jacques-André Portail. These are the last vestiges of the Arcueil estate of which only ruins remain today. They were produced between 1740 and 1750, before the estate was broken up and sold and the gardens gradually destroyed.

When: until June 20, 2016

A revolutionary museum, Alexandre Lenoir's museum of French monuments

Alexandre Lenoir, who had a leading role in the Louvre Museum, founded the Museum of French Monuments. A fervent defender of national heritage, his initiative unfortunately came to an end in 1816. The works on display there were transferred to several other museums, including the Louvre. This exhibition shows views of the former Museum of French Monuments.

When: until July 4, 2016

Eva Jospin

The Louvre Museum is also a great platform for contemporary art. The Panorama work of Eva Jospin is installed in the quadrangle. It was made exclusively for this location, where it will be on display until the end of summer 2016 before embarking on a world tour.

When: until August 28, 2016

4:30 hour(s)
From €81.00
2 hour(s)
From €42.00

JR at the Louvre

The contemporary artist has transformed the Louvre pyramid by using it as a medium for an anamorphosis. This process involves playing with perspective to give a visual effect. Before it even began, the operation sparked enthusiasm on Instagram. Discover all of the photos with the hashtag #JRauLouvre

When: the installation will be visible until June 27, 2016

Edme Bouchardon

The Edme Bouchardon (1698-1762) exhibition has been designed in collaboration with the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Presented in the Napoleon Hall under the pyramid, the exhibition is the first to take a look back at the career of Edme Bouchardon through 270 neoclassical works.

When: from September 14 to December 5, 2016

While the organization of permanent collections is governed by strict museum guidelines, the Louvre Museum’s temporary exhibitions enjoy the freedom to extend to contemporary art. A dialog is created between modern installations and the archaeological pieces on display in the Louvre. The proximity of so many new pieces to the paintings of the Old Masters is nothing to be ashamed of. Contemporary art is only the successor!

Before you visit the Louvre Museum, don't forget to check the Diary of Exhibitions so that you don't miss a temporary exhibition that you might enjoy.