The Louvre Auditorium

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The Louvre auditorium is a rostrum that plays host to current reflections in a variety of fields. It welcomes conferences and symposiums in museography and art history. It is also a fantastic setting for public concerts and film showings.

Music at the Louvre

The Louvre Museum’s concerts cover three distinct themes: classical music, chamber music, and discovery of new talents. It is a setting that also welcomes commissions by contemporary composers for the museum. Most of the performances are organized in cycles. Musicians from all around the world perform there.

The line-up for the Louvre’s musical season is renowned on the classical scene. Situated in the heart of Paris and easy to get to, special discounts are available to young people and students.

As well as concerts, the auditorium also holds live music screenings, giving people a chance to watch operas performed by famous companies.

Symposiums and conferences

As a major center for archeology, the Louvre and its auditorium are the perfect setting to present recent research. These symposiums are suitable for professional audiences wanting to exchange news and recent discoveries.

Alongside contemporary exhibitions, there are many conferences on the agenda at the Louvre auditorium. Additional talks are given for visitors who are interested.

Furthermore, the Louvre Museum, as a place for experimentation in contemporary art, brings together today’s artists in its auditorium to speak to the public during a conference and talk about their careers and commissions.


The auditorium has a cinema that shows films connected with the exhibitions. It presents retrospectives, as well as children’s films. The documentaries that appear on the program give keys for understanding the temporary exhibitions.


Visiting the Louvre Museum also gives you the opportunity to watch live shows. Plays and magic shows feature on the program.

The events organized by the Louvre in its auditorium create dialog between the public and the museum's collections. These are additional keys to understanding, as well as interactions that would not otherwise happen. The films and documentaries shown give people the chance to see works in a new light and make them more accessible to an audience so wide that it is said that this is the largest museum in the world.

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