Les Halles

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Les Halles can be found right in the center of Paris, in the 1st Arrondissement (district). The name is derived from the large wholesale market of fresh produce that used to take place here, in the 12th Century. Towards 1860, the pavilions built by Victor Baltard, were covered following true fine art design; the new roofs were made out of cast iron and glass. In the 1970’s, the market was relocated to the South of Paris (to Rungis) and the great iron pavilions were demolished. After many years of work, an underground shopping center was unveiled in 1979, “The Forum des Halles”, along with a 4 hectares garden, a huge pedestrian zone and a gym which does include a pool. The location of this Quarter in the heart of Paris, a hot-spot for many Parisians, neighboring Châtelet and Marais, is home to the largest shopping center of the French capital. With the construction of the mall, the area become even more a place of interest. Adults as well as children enjoy this central place open 7 days a week. The quarter benefits from an easy access. Indeed Chatelet-Les-Halles is the biggest underground station in the world and a crossroad for numerous tube lines and express trains. Les Halles is a fashionable Quarter with its countless shops, bars, restaurants, hotel to stay and night clubs. The area has its own history through some remarquable monuments in Paris, as it can be seen in the Renaissance design of the Fontaine des Innocents, located on the Place Joachim du Bellay. There is also the gothic Church of Saint-Eustache, built between 1532 and 1640, the renaissance decorative architecture of which was compared by Viollet-Le-Duc to a “fairy palace”. Today, the Quarter has been renovated, a canopée (a huge roof with an original design) was built and modernizes the district.