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Located on Île de la Cité—Paris’s historic center where visitors can also find Notre-Dame—Sainte-Chapelle was built by Saint-Louis to house precious relics. Book your tickets online to see Sainte-Chapelle and come see one of Paris’s most spectacular sites.

Sainte-Chapelle, or the Piety of Saint-Louis

King Louis IX was very devout and his reign was marked by faith and devotion to God. During his reign, he acquired a certain number of valuable relics such as a fragment of the True Cross and the Holy Crown, the thorny crown worn by Christ during the episode of the Passion.

In order to lay these invaluable relics in a location worthy of their glory, Saint-Louis ordained the construction of Sainte-Chapelle, where they could be put on display. Built in the 1240s, the stupendous edifice was constructed in just seven years, a true feat for the time. Having withstood the test of time, revolutions, and several wars, Sainte-Chapelle continues today to fascinate visitors from all over.

A Gem of Gothic Architecture from Medieval Paris

Sainte-Chapelle, emblematic of the Rayonnant Gothic period. If you purchase tickets for Sainte-Chapelle, you will be enthralled by its many stained-glass windows. The structure is simple from an architectural point of view. It includes no aisles, no transept, and no large archways. It was designed as an enormous reliquary, a vast chase intended to house and display priceless jewels.

Changes in construction techniques including the use of pointed arches allowed for vast spaces where immense stained-glass windows could be installed. Visitors to Sainte-Chapelle in Paris can admire 15 artworks, 50 feet high, which together represent 1,113 biblical scenes.

A visit to Sainte-Chapelle is sure to amaze you

Despite being a religious edifice, Sainte-Chapelle was also a monument to represent the glory of the Saint-Louis reign and, more generally, that of the Capetian Dynasty. The thinness of its walls and columns and its numerous windows demonstrate exceptional expertise during a time of great prosperity. Sainte-Chapelle is more than a simple structure. By entering it, you are also witnessing the glory of a monarchy that claimed divine right.

We recommend you plan a visit to Saint-Chapelle on a day with fair weather. The colors of the stained-glass windows offer an ever-changing light show, which adds to the very singular ambiance. The emotional intensity of the chapel will leave you speechless, as it is both grandiose and imbued with omnipresent spirituality. Visiting Saint-Louis’s Sainte-Chapelle in Paris is part of the essential tourist experience in France’s capital.

After visiting Sainte-Chapelle, continue your visit to the Conciergerie, the last remaining vestige of the former Palais de la Cité.

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