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Péronne is a French commune in the Somme department, located in the Picardie region some 126km from ParisFound on a hill in the heart of the Somme Valley, Peronne probably originated in the Merovingian period. Throughout the middle ages, this became a much appreciated stop off point for merchants on the Flanders route and for all the pilgrims on the Via Francigena (a route linking Canterbury, England with Rome, Italy). King Philip Augustus built a castle fort here around the year 1204, perhaps predicting the future, as towns were often attacked, burnt or pillaged. Péronne was attacked once in Viking times, then badly damaged at the time of Charles Quint's infrastructural siege in 1536, then ravaged by Germans in 1870, and finally devastated by two world wars: totally destroyed in 1917, rebuilt, then bombarded and burnt in may 1940 by German aviation bombers. Set up in the town's old medieval castle, the Great War History Museum is unmissable for those interested in the First World War. Its original architecture successfully reflects, a different view of history between 1914 and 1918, without reducing it to purely battle information. The museum displays a unique collection of more than 65,000 historical objects, varying from civil and military examples, to surprising, trivial and unusual testimonies. Come and discover the Great War History Museum and have lunch in Peronne in's new excursion: The Somme Battlefields : First World War.

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