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The quartier du Palais Royal (Royal Palace district) really resembles a cultural anthill. In fact, tourists from all around the world come to discover the french treasures that it offers: the famous Louvre museum, the Comédie Française, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs at the Louvre (decorative arts museum), etc. Miscellaneous exhibitions have placed all year.

This area of the city - situated on the 1st arrondissement of Paris - owes its name to the Palais Royal, a gigantic palatial complex surrounded by gardens to the north of the Louvre Palace. It was where Louis XIV lived during his childhood, and continues to be used in an official capacity right up to the present day: the French Council of State, the Constitutional Council, and even the Ministry of Culture have all made it their home.

During your holidays, discover a genuinely charming and little-known part of Paris. Make the most of our excursions and guided tours around the Palais Royal Paris district, where you will discover Palais Royal gardens that are both peaceful and majestic, lively streets full of art galleries and antique stores, bistros and brasseries. The Palais Royal surroundings appear almost to be an open-air museum and are home to an understated and sophisticated intellectual tier of Parisian society. Get to know this typical and central arrondissement in Paris by doing a walking tour or riding a bike, you won't be disappointed. 

The covered passages around the Royal Palace

Are you looking for an alternative side to Paris? Take part in one of our guided tours of the covered passages of Paris to discover many galleries and byways which are very often known only to local inhabitants. The neat and charming passage Vivienne Paris, Galerie Véro-Dodat and the Passage du Grand Cerf are light years away from the more well-known streets of Paris. These passages are characterized by their boutiques and restaurants and offer a parenthesis out of time with their particular atmosphere, calm and dynamic at the same time. Being genuine commercial galleries - mostly illuminated by the beautiful stained glass - they are the perfect place to offer yourself an uncommon break during your visit to Paris.    

Don't wait anymore to come to visit the Royal Palace district!

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