Chamber Music in Giverny

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Chamber Music

Let’s first define chamber music: a musical piece written for a small instrument ensemble whether those instruments be percussion, chord, brass, wind or wood ones. The defining principle of chamber music is that everything is written for each player and his or her instrument. In other words, it’s a musical composition comprised of several soloists who, independently, play one or several instruments in order to achieve an overarching harmony.

One remarkable musical composition is Mozart’s Serenade KV 361 composed in G-flat major. Also known as “Grande Partita,” this chamber music piece was written for twelve wind and double bass instruments in seven movements.

The Giverny Chamber Music Festival

Since September 2004, this festival takes place between August and September.

The festival is headed by Michael Strauss, Artistic Director and cellist. The town of Giverny works in partnership with the Museum of American Art and in collaboration with the Giverny Museum of Impressionisms.

Throughout the festival, national and international artist performances take place in various locations, such as the Giverny Church, the Impressionists Museum, the Church of Notre Dame of Isle and the Phillippe-Auguste Center.

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