Giverny Music Festival

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Although Giverny is mainly known for Monet’s Gardens and house, as well as the Impressionists Museum, it’s also a town that remains animated throughout the year with several events such as its well-known music festival.

Sixteen years in the running, the Giverny Music Festival takes place every year between October and November. There you’ll discover new artists, mainly groups that open a window onto the alternative French music scene.

Far from France’s electronic music festivals that have been riding high for several years, here in Giverny it’s only talented vocal and instrumental chords that resonate deep within your chest.

The pursuit of pleasure and a happy-go-lucky atmosphere are the hallmarks of Giverny’s music festival. If you feel like an easy-going, no-fuss festival where you can fill up on soup and cheese while listening to artists that you don’t hear on the radio or in nightclubs, this musical event at only 16 euros a head is definitely the one for you!

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