Discover Normandy and the famous D-Day Landing Beaches

Because of its privileged geographical situation on the Channel coast, at the mouth of the Seine and facing the British Isles, Normandy has been the setting for a particularly rich history. The city of Rouen on the Seine, but also Caen, the Viking city, then further west in Brittany, Saint Malo, famous for its skillful navigators, all have played a major role in the history of France. Have you got any questions about the World War II? The best experience is to visit Normandy with the family. Visit the beaches of Normandy where Allied Forces landed on the ground on D-Day, 6th June 1944, the first painful steps in the Liberation of France. One of these five beaches is Juno Beach where Canadian soldiers landed at. Normandy is one of the favorite destinations for tourists and Parisians who travel here to enjoy in the charming port and center of Honfleur, the beautiful beaches of Deauville and its luxury residences. Beyond this area, don’t miss the incomparable Mont Saint-Michel. Visit this friendly village and take photo of the great view of the bay, with its recent transportation access. Rich “terroir”, characteristic countryside or “bocage”, cider and dairy products; Normandy is integrate to the cultural identity of France. Visit PARISCityVISION website, discover many other day trips, cruises or private tours and save your time buying your tickets and booking in advance online.

The June 6, 1944 landing of the allied forces on the Normandy beaches marks one of the biggest turning points in the history of the XXth century and, most notably, in the Second World War. A circuit of emblematic locations where people from all over the world congregate, allows us to go back in time to the famous D-Day and revive the landing of 5 000 boats, 12 000 planes and 156 000 soldiers. Among them, American, Canadian and English troops, as well as other forces from the rest of the allied countries: 'Forces françaises libres' ('Free French Forces') along with Polish, Belgian, Czech, Dutch and Norwegian soldiers. The unavoidable departing site is the 'Mémorial de Caen', in the Calvados, also known as 'Musée de la Paix' ('Museum of the Peace'). A little further, two other locations are equally moving: first, the 'Pointe du Hoc', located at 'Colleville sur Mer' in the English Channel, a 30 meters height outpost that dominates the beach on the Normand side, between 'Omaha Beach' and 'Utah Beach'; secondly, the American Saint-Laurent cemetery, with 70 hectares that host the remains of 9 387 American soldiers, remarkably those of the the son of president Theodore Roosevelt. Another must-see is the artificial harbour -a dyke of 230 reinforced concrete blocks- which the Allies built in Arromanches, most of it mounted over an anti-air battery. And, finally, the 'Centre Juno Beach', in the Calvados, a museum devoted to the role that Canadians had in the Second World War. Recreate the 'longest day ever' with in its D day Landing Beaches in Normandy tour

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Guided Tour of the D-Day Beaches from Paris

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Visit the Normandy region with your guide. Visit Caen memorial, the Landing beaches of Pointe du Hoc, the American cemetery next to Omaha Beach, and the Gold Beach of Arromanches.

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Guided Tour of the D-Day Beaches from Paris in a Small Group

Small group or privatized tour. Travel through Normandy. Visit of the Pointe du Hoc, Omaha Beach, Saint Laurent cemetery, Juno Beach, the ruins of the  Arromanches' artificial harbor and then lunch at the "Ferme de la Rançonnière".

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Guided Tour of the D-Day Beaches from Paris - Hotel Transfers

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Discover the sites where the Allies fought to regain freedom with a guided visit by motorcoach. Visit the Memorial-Peace Museum followed by lunch. Then visit Arromanches Juno Beach and the American cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer. Departure and return at your residence in Paris by minibus.

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3 tours