Ramparts, dungeons, knights and underground tunnels are all on the bill in the medieval city of Provins, located in France (80km south-east of Paris). The site, dating back to the Palaeolithic, became a prestigious and wealthy market town by the middle ages. Made up of an uptown (le Châtel) and a down-town (le Val), Provins resonates back to the times of Philippe Auguste and Saint Louis, during the era of the well known Champagne Fairs.

It was once the capital of the Counts of Champagne, powerful feudal lords who lived there and attracted knights, merchants, troubadours, bourgeois around ... Their greatness of the past is present in every corner: walls, towers, monuments testify economic power and the strategic role played by the city.

Medieval Provins: a place and an environment

The site of Provins France, a world heritage site since 2001, offers three main points of interest that make this town a treasure: The César tower, a 12th century octagonal dungeon with a square floor; La Grange-aux-Dîmes, a 13th century merchant's house turned into a museum to exhibit middle-age professions (potters, stonemasons, merchants etc.); L'Hostellerie de la Croix d'Or, - or the Golden Cross Inn - the oldest inn in France, dating back to 1270 and still fully functioning today; and finally the old town underground, filled with medieval basements open to the public and which play a key part in Umberto Eco's novel, Foucault's Pendulum. What gives this town its charm are the scenes of knights in armour; music and horse shows; the falcon show, "The eagles of the ramparts", which takes place close to the fortress; as well as its cobbled back-streets and its beautiful half-timbered houses. Here you can discover middle age art and cuisine, that make this visit a great journey through time.

Every year, falconry and chivalry shows, as well as impressive medieval festivals of companies, theater groups and artisans, give life to the city of Provins and attract tourists and visitors from around the world.

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Day food tour in Provins medieval city

During this unusual tour from Paris, explore the medieval city of Provins with a guide specialized in Food history . Between its ramparts and small streets, discover medieval cuisine and taste some specialties of Middle age period!

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