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The Belle Epoque in Paris took place in the early twentieth century. The birth of Cabaret in Paris spread a spirit of freedom and permanent party across the capital. The princes, artists and the middle and working classes that gathered there in search of fun were all blowed over by the French Cancan. Today there are three exceptional and famous cabarets in Paris, carry you away into an unforgettable evening full of feathers, sequins, rhinestones and glamour. Famous throughout the world is the Moulin Rouge close to friendly Montmartre. The Moulin Rouge has staged magnificient revues for more than a century. Experience its excellent gourmet dinner with music following by a show with 100 artits and 60 Doriss Girls dancing on the stage. Enjoy a walk on the most beautiful avenues in the world, the Champs Elysées and see the cabaret show at the Lido. You should discover also the Crazy Horse Saloon, just a stone’s throw away from the Eiffel Tower, on the prestigious Avenue George V. The Crazy Horse, sensual and elegant show, presenting gorgeously costumed dancers and sophisticated choreography. Paris by night amazes with these cabarets show another sparkling and unforgettable dinner show. For any special event, you can plan a private dinner and show in the Paradis Latin Theater which offers a parisian «revue» including dancers. Club, concerts, restaurants and show make up an important part of Paris’ culture.

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