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Situated on the most beautiful avenue in the world, the Champs Élysées, the Lido is one of Paris's mythical cabarets, along with the Moulin Rouge and the Crazy Horse. Started up in 1946 by brothers of Italian origin, Joseph and Louis Clerico. With their 'dinner and show' formula that has been copied the world over, the Lido has never stopped dazzling spectators with its parades full of feathers, glitter and dreams. In the Lido, the 42 'Bluebell Girls', a group created by Margaret Kelly (nicknamed 'Miss Bluebell' on account of her hyacinth coloured eyes), are the elite of cabaret dancers.

Performing in a classical dance style, but far too grand to be ballet, these hand-picked girls must not be under 1.75 metres tall! Originally located at number 78 on the avenue, the Lido moved to number 116 in 1977 to a bigger saloon and where the technicalities are incomparable. Now it has extended to 7,500 metres squared. Its panoramic saloon which now has columns, allowing for perfect visibility, accounts for 1150 spectators. The stalls, which seat 300 guests during the meal, allow for a great view of the show thanks to a giant elevator. Lido's unique machinery has allowed for a swimming pool, a water screen and a genuine ice rink to all be included in its attractions. The Lido has welcomed the likes of Shirley MacLaine, Laurel and Hardy and Elton John. 

One night at the Lido Paris at the best price

An evening to attend the review of the Lido Paris at a particularly attractive rate, which concludes in beauty with an excursion to the Eiffel Tower or a romantic cruise on the Seine, Does it tempt you?

Two options are available to you :

  • You can join the 300 guests who will enjoy a delicious gourmet meal, drizzled with champagne, while attending the review from a privileged location, near the stage. This is the ultimate cabaret that awaits you for an evening that will remain forever etched in your memories.
  • You can take part in the room and watch the show from the stands while refreshing yourself with a delicious glass of champagne. You will take a look at the whole scene and enjoy, comfortably seated, the show. will bring you along to discover what the Lido is all about with its Dinner Dance and Lido show, or the Dinner Cruise and Lido Paris Show event. Whatever your choice, an evening spent in the company of the talented troupe of dancers and artist of this exceptional cabaret in Paris will remain a memory simply unforgettable.

Book your Lido Paris tickets for a cabaret show and you are sure to enjoy one of the most entertaining cabaret shows in Paris. Singers, dancers and all kinds of other artists embodying the soul of the music hall are all involved in the performance. Several different packages are available, giving you the option of watching a show without dining. 

Order your tickets now for an evening of cabaret at the Lido and enjoy a fabulous show delivered by talented artists, with more than seventy years of experience behind it: the first show at the Lido Paris, ‘Without Rhyme or Reason’ (‘Sans rîme ni raison’), first opened to the public in 1946.




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