Champs de Mars

Among all the Paris gardens, a public garden, 780 metres long and 220 meters wide, the Champ de Mars is located in the 7th district of Paris between the Eiffel tower, almost bordering the Seine, and the Military School. The name comes from Mars, the Roman god of war, and the field (champ) of Mars of Ancient Rome. It can be found in. Originally an exercise field for soldiers, this place often hosted large national festivals during the French Revolution, and is also the place where the Montgolfier brothers launched their first hot air balloon flight. In the 19th century, the Champ de Mars welcomed several world exhibitions with their constructions and passing marquees, one of which being the Eiffel Tower, built for the world exhibition of 1889, marking a hundred years since the French Revolution. This large rectangular garden spreads across large green spaces, tree-lined alleys, as well as several ornamental ponds and small grottos. Also found there are sculptures, two children's playgrounds and the Wall of Peace, facing the Military School. The garden is open by day and by night and offers a unique view of the Eiffel Tower, and, behind it, the Trocadero, located just across the Seine River. Highly frequented by Parisians and tourists who come to visit Eiffel's masterpiece, the vast lawns offer by holding picnics on nice sunny days. Large concerts are regularly organised here, and it's also possible to come and see the fireworks held on the 14th July for France's national day. 
Following the's Paris Seinorama excursion, you may stroll around The Champs de Mars to fully appreciate the garden.

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