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Located just off the Champs Elysées, the Crazy Horse cabaret holds a special place in the Music Hall scene. Sexy is the order of the day at the Crazy Horse Paris, with talented dancers clothed in sensuous and suggestive outfits that tastefully highlight their elegance and femininity. With towering stilettos, false eyelashes, blood-red lips and breasts tastefully bared, the Crazy Horse dancers embody a certain vision of the feminine: inaccessible, extremely desirable, and perpetually glamorous without ever descending into indecency.

Although the air of the femme fatale which surrounds each of the dancers does have a part to play in the Crazy Horse legend, it is the professionalism and dedication of the artists, and their quest for perfection, which provide the other the foundations upon which the establishment has built its reputation.

Order your Crazy Horse Paris tickets and prepare to be charmed by the dancers on stage before you. The unique interior of the venue is also impressive, inspired by the Westerns of the end of the 19th century: ‘Crazy Horse’  was originally the name of a famous Sioux Chief. Come to a Crazy Horse show in Paris and be ready to be swept away by the vision of Alain Bernadin, who founded the cabaret in 1951.

Depending on the package and tickets that you choose, you can also choose to attend the show at the famous Parisian cabaret without having dinner.

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