Nouvelle Eve

Reserve your cabaret evening at La Nouvelle Eve Paris

Fancy an unforgettable evening at a Parisian cabaret off the beaten path? Hurry and reserve your tickets to La Nouvelle Eve This cabaret, located in Paris at the foot of Montmartre hill, has been an institution of Parisian nightlife for over a hundred years. A well-kept secret, and a favorite among hedonist and epicurean Parisians, it welcomes the lucky few who want to experience an unusual and grandiose music-hall evening. Just steps away from the famous Moulin Rouge Cabaret, you'll enjoy skits and performances from one of the most renowned revue theaters in Paris.

The magical experience of an evening at La Nouvelle Eve

Once known under the name "Fantaisies Parisiennes", La Nouvelle Eve cabaret has kept the Parisian cabaret spirit alive for severl decades. Depending on your preference, you can book tickets for the revue or take part in a dinner show at La Nouvelle Eve and enjoy an exceptional dinner all while admiring the cabaret's revue. The menu, made even more festive with a half bottle of Champagne, lets you discover the very best of French cuisine specialties, all while listening to the music and watching the dancers and artists of La Nouvelle Eve parade by on stage. You can also watch the show while enjoying one glass of champagne or other refreshments of your choice.

Paris Je T'aime: a revue from the great music halls to Paris!

Discover the revuew Paris je t'aime, which celebrates the singer Edith Piaf, one of the most renowned Parisians in the world. Dive into life in Parisian neighborhoods and enter an enchanted world where poetry and burlesque often mix, where the mood is always happy, and discover the daily lives and happiest moments of the little people.

Paris je t'aime, the revue show of La Nouvelle Eve cabaret in Paris, reaches its high point with the French Cancan, that catchy, iconic dance that has driven Paris wild for decades.

Reserve your tickets now for La Nouvelle Eve and experience an unforgettable evening. Take part in the dinner theater or just admire the Paris je t'aime revue. You'll fall in love with the most unique cabaret show in the City of Light!