FAQs- Airport and station transfers

How and where do I meet the driver at the airport upon our arrival ?

While waiting for your luggage, please use any « France Telecom » public phone and dial the TOLL FREE NUMBER to inform us of your arrival : 0 800 800 408
Then you should proceed to the MEETING POINT as following* :
CDG 1 DEPARTURE LEVEL – GATE 16 : upon your arrival, please proceed to gate 18 at the same level (the arrival one) before taking the lift to go one floor down : you are now at gate 16, departure level (“Départ”)
CDG 2A, 2B 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F ARRIVAL LEVEL – GATE 8 : gate 8 is located a few metres after the exit of the flight, at the arrival level (on the ground floor Arrivée”).
PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION not to stand in the gallery between 2E and 2F, gate 8.
CDG 2G ARRIVAL LEVEL – EXIT OF THE TERMINAL : main exit (“Sortie”), in front of the ADP desk information
* in the event your flight has been  re-routed, please proceed to the meeting point corresponding to the terminal in where your plane landed.
The driver will be waiting for you holding this board : AIR CITY SERVICE
For flights expected between 8 pm and 6 am, the driver will be waiting at the exit of the flight holding a named board.
The shuttle minivan stands at the above meeting points: for the medium and long-haul flights: 1 HOUR after the landing time; for the national and the Schengen area’s flights: 30 MINUTES after the landing time.

How do I receive the pick-up confirmation for a departure transfer ?

When accommodated in a hotel, a fax will be sent to your attention at the reception desk the day before the departure with confirmation of the pick-up time.
If you accommodate in a Parisian private place, we kindly ask you to call our transfer department   the day before the departure, in order to confirm the pick-up time and location, at: or 0800800408

How can we book at once both arrival and departure airport transfer?

To book online a return transfer, you need to select separately the transfers and follow the instructions to complete the booking

If you got more than one luggage per person, you have to pay 1 child price for each extra luggage

From which hotel are transfers available ?

Transfers are only available from the hotels -or other accommodation places to that effect- located in the capital (i.e., Paris). This is the reason why your hotel address must have a postal code beginning with '75', Other postal codes show locations outside Paris and consequently, you cannot benefit from the hotel pick up.

When are the shuttle transfers available ?

Paris arrival transfers from the airport or station, are available between 6:00 and 20:00.
If you arrive beyond this period of time, a night extra will be asked. Please contact acs@pariscityvision.com for more information
Paris departure transfers to the airport or station are available any any time of the day or the night