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An advocate for Cubism and Surrealism, Pablo Picasso was the kind of genius who, over the course of time, never lost in popularity. The artist was a great Francophile and, having obtained French nationality in 1939, spent a great deal of his life in Paris and on the French Riviera.

With the Skip-the-Line Picasso Museum ticket, there is so much more for you to do than simply look at some of the painter’s most famous pictures. You can find out about his everyday life, and get to know the artists whom he counted among his greatest influences, or who were themselves influenced by his talent and bold and innovative style. 

Over 5,000 pieces of artwork and tens of thousands of archived items such as prints, photographs, films, documents, and sketchbooks make it possible for you to trace the journey of Pablo Picasso through his creative process. View paintings such as the Long-Haired Young Girl, the Young Ladies of Avignon or the Mandolin Player, and sculptures including the Woman in the Garden and Baboon and Young. Temporary exhibitions are held regularly to shed new light on different aspects of the artist’s life or work.

Take advantage of a fast pass into the Picasso Museum Paris at the best prices around: by choosing a Skip-the-Line ticket, you’ll save precious time at the ticket office and really be able to make the most of your vacation.

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