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Brussels is a city with a very rich history, as evidenced by its must-see monuments. In one day, discover and visit this European capital with the help of experienced guides in a comprehensive trip.  

Brussels, a historic and contemporary heritage

Brussels wasn't built yesterday. Some historical accounts date its founding back to around 979 CE, when Charles of France, Duke of Lower Lorraine, had a military building built on a small island. Originally named Brosella, the town eventually became known as Brussels. 

Among the many sights, one must-see is the Grand Place of Brussels, with its many 17th century buildings. Renowned around the world, it is listed as a Unesco World Heritage site. Company headquarters, the city hall, and the King's House all bear ornate facades that bear witness to the city's past glory. Numerous events take place here throughout the year, including the Christmas market, the biennial flower carpet, and more. During your PARISCityVISION day trip, you'll also have the chance to visit the Royal Quarter, as well as the districts of Grand Sablon, the stock exchange, and city hall... Don't miss the famous Manneken-pis statue, one of the best-known symbols of Brussels and a must-see during any visit to the city.  

Your day-trip to Brussels from Paris offers a glimpse of all the sights the city has to offer. The Atomium, a unique building constructed on the occasion of the World Fair in 1959, offers a panoramic view over the city, the nearby Laeken park, and its castle. 

Visit Brussels, a metropolis in the heart of Europe

The two official languages of the Brussels region are French and Dutch. Brussels is a dynamic and modern city: the capital of Europe and of Belgium, but also of its own region, it was able to transform itself and grow into a powerful city at the heart of the European Union.  

Today, the Belgian capital is at the heart of the European union, and most EU insitutions are headquartered in the Brussels region: the European Counsel, the European Commission... NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) also has its headquarters in the region.  Visit this district in the North, now called the "European Quarter", through which runs Rue de la Loi, the road on which all of Europe's government buildings are situated. You'll run in into businessmen, technocrats, and politicians.  

Thanks to this reduced-price PARISCityVISION day trip to Brussels from Paris, you'll have the chance to visit the historic and cultural centre of the Belgian capital with a tour guide.  

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